my professional bio

i have an extensive background that spans many areas of technology and design
over the course of my career, i have focused on a variety of disciplines

ruby, java and php web application engineering
html, css, xml, javascript, open-source frameworks
complex actionscript 2.0 & 3.0 development
web services, rpc, messaging, event emitting and subscription
highly-scalable, highly-available cloud infrastructure design and implementation
scalable web application, data modelling, and persistence
arduino hardware and firmware prototyping and implementation
sql and nosql database architecture and implementation
analytics, tracking, and a/b testing implementation and techniques
abstract feature prototyping and iterative development methods
professional, commercial-grade software & hardware testing
code refactoring, debugging, and optimization techniques
max/msp + jitter patching, dsp programming
visual and graphics design for print and screen

i am a confident, affable leader and a valued team member
i love to teach, and share the knowledge accumulated during my career in the field

a little bit about me, personally

i am a foodie, and love to cook as much (or more!) than i love eating
i enjoy art and social expression—many of my friends are also artists and designers
i am an independent musician and producer, and own a digital recording studio
i am a avid problem solver—i love a good challenge or brain game
i love the theatre, movie-going, and social gatherings with close friends and family
i'm an open-minded thinker & philosopher, and love to explore the nature of life on earth

my resumé and linkedin profile

current as of november 2013 (pdf)

online / linkedin (url)

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