examples of my work: case studies and interactives

http://www.ohai.com (site offline) ::
we make social games that are genuinely fun and truly social! ::

php, actionscript 3.0, java, aws, javascript, mootools, c++, facebook apis, highly scalable infrastructures and engineering
i engineer game client, ui, server, application server, web client and internal tools code and frameworks
manage all tech ops duties, infrastructure and implementation, hardware/software purchasing, budget forecasting, vendor relations
member of the exec management team; advised on all aspects of company operations, products and culture
responsible for managing several people across multiple departments in the organization
implemented entire facebook web client framework and related social and viral features in our latest game
assisted and mentored new employees. led interviews and employee acquisition efforts. helped to anchor cultural and team-related activities

http://www.bebo.com ::
explore, share and connect on one of the world's most popular social networks ::

actionscript 3.0, java, flex, memcache, MOOtools, Freemarker, highly scalable engineering
i am a principal java, actionscript and javascript engineer and technical lead for the core team at bebo
i interoperate with our ui, design, and qa teams to engineer and manage our products through the full lifecycle
i handle team management tasks such as screening and hiring new employees and team engineers
i am responsible for all flash across the site, including the popular "lifestory" interactive timeline featured on user profiles
ported and further engineered the adobe / facebook open source actionscript api library for our apps platform

http://impression.fpmi.com ::
impression learning content framework and runtime ::

actionscript 2.0, custom flash components, xml, scorm, ms sql, visual basic
lead programmer in the team that developed this commercial software product
authored the 160+ page runtime engine developer's kit docs (rte devkit) using microsoft word
designed the layouts, handled pre-press, and was printers' liaison for 550+ pages of docs

please note:
the examples listed above are “live” websites, currently in production use for the general public
as such, i am not at liberty to provide general access to any password-protected areas
please contact me if you would like a personal demonstration of these features
i would be pleased to provide you with a personal tour of my work

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